Why LED Lighting?

LED is changing the paradigm — combining the best available components with innovative designs to create systems that are optimized for superior performance.

LED is important for new construction, but a substantially larger market is renovation. Billions of lights already exist and easily convert to LED, reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, maintenance costs, and other direct and indirect costs associated with consumption and generation of electricity. The LED market has given birth to environmental certifications, sustainability managers, green initiatives, new products, new companies focused on energy reduction and conservation, compliance rebates, and much more. Lighting is generally in the top two to three consumers of electricity.

Why John Iacono Inc.?

We live in a world characterized by incredible innovation — LED lighting technology is changing the game

Lighting companies continue to use the same old approach that puts the interests and margins of the supplier ahead of their customers. We partner with our clients, using an agile model that solves that problem in four key ways: direct to consumer, superior distribution, specialized services, and leading expertise in renovation.

LED Solutions Manufacturers

  • Relume
  • Seesmart
  • Value Listing