atlas copco z series 90

Atlas Copco air compressors are known for their quality and efficiency. They are highly engineered products which millions of businesses rely on.

But what happens when things go wrong? At any moment, your air compressor could overheat or the system can malfunction due to lack of maintenance.

Compressed air is vital to your business, just like electricity and water. If any one of these systems go down, you are looking at a complete production shutdown. And, you will lose money.


What Can a Backup Atlas Copco Air Compressors Do For a Business?

If your business is heavily reliant on its Atlas Copco air compressor, then we recommend having a backup system.

A backup air compressor will allow production to continue, reducing costly downtime. While Iacono Inc can send technicians out to anywhere in the Trip-State area within a day, every minute will count during system malfunction.


1. Better Safe than Sorry

You wouldn’t want to wait for a hurricane to buy a backup generator. So, you wouldn’t want to wait for production to stop to install a backup air compressor.


2. Repurpose Your Old Air Compressor

As your business grows, you may need to upgrade your air compressor. You may be looking into an air compressor such as the Atlas Copco GA 160 VSD, which can withstand the harshest environments. Your old air compressor can be put to use as a backup, in case of emergencies.

Atlas Copco GA 160 VSD - Air Compressor


3. Use The Backup During Maintenance

Regardless of how well-built your machinery is, it will need maintenance during its lifespan. In fact, regular maintenance and general spring cleaning can extend the lifetime of your Atlas Copco Air Compressor.

Having a backup air compressor will ensure zero downtime during maintenance of your primary air compressor.


4. Use it for Load Sharing

Having a large, expensive piece of machinery sitting around “just in case” can cause you worry. You may walk by it and think: what is it doing besides collecting dust? Well, put it to work!

During harsh Long Island summers where there is increased humidity and heat, the threat of an air compressor overheating also increases. You can use your backup air compressor for load sharing in order to prevent overheating. Simple controls on your Atlas Copco Air compressors allow for even allotment of time between each machine.




At the end of the day, the cost in investing in a back up Atlas Copco air compressor is well worth it. Not only will it save you money, but it will save you stress and worry of a possible shut down.

Without a back up compressed air system, your business is likely to suffer at some point. Whether you choose a used air compressor or decide to buy a new one, the backup will pay for itself by eliminating downtime during scheduled maintenance or other issues.