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Announcement to Qualified Con Edison
Customers with Air Compressors

Con Edison has a new program that enables you to obtain a rebate at the rate of $300 per HP. This is huge! And no doubt for a very limited time. Iacono Inc. is one of few pre-approved air compressor distributors. Call or write us today to find out if you qualify. Beware of peddlers claiming that they are the only ones that can do this for you. It’s your rebate!

Call me, Dennis Hackett, VP of Sales at 631-831-8544 if you have any questions.

Check CAGI Data Before Purchasing
an Air Compressor

Make sure you look at CAGI Data before making a compressor purchase. CAGI is the “rating Service” for the Compressed Air Industry. For safety, only buy CAGI rated compressors, dryers and blowers. CAGI confirms a compressor’s performance matches their published data. Beware! Quincy is no longer listed with CAGI. Quincy is now removed by CAGI for inconsistencies in their numbers. Kobelco, an “oil free” compressor is also not listed. Be careful of any salesmen or company peddling unlisted machines at “too good” a price. For more information, go to

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